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My mother likes to say I was reading before I could talk and writing before I could walk - I am 99.9% sure that isn't true, but it sure sounds pretty! 
I had my first article published in a local newspaper when I was 8 and have been hooked ever since. 
I went into the publishing industry straight from education and stayed there in one form or another.  Lucky enough to earn money writing articles, blogs and short stories alongside travelling and having many grand adventures, it was not until 2017 that I sat down to write my first full length novel. 
It was not easy!
Nothing like writing a short story or a blog piece. I ended up publishing a book on how to just sit down and write a book already!
I am in the process of publishing a compilation of short stories, all of which have won various short story competitions, and I have just finished the first draft of my supernatural suspense novel.
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Free Your Inner Book

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Have you always wanted to write a book but just not managed it for whatever reason? Are you scared to even start?
Gained from personal experience and tried and tested methods, this book is a helpful, fun and entertaining step by step guide to help you to stop thinking about writing your story and just do it already!
20 steps to help you not only plan out, write and edit your work, but also beat that pesky procrastination into submission, carve time into your schedule to create a writing habit and ways to silence that lying voice in your head that tells you you just aren't good enough.
This guide is essential for anyone who wants to feel that amazing achievement of finishing writing a book...just like I did.
No more excuses. You’ll be ready to finally start writing your book.


Shadow Man

Evil is as evil does

A body is discovered 20 years after her disappearance. Toni and her friends reluctantly return to their hometown to pay their respects, but soon learn they have more than the ghosts of their past to worry about.

Now available in paperback and digital here


Get To The Point

very fortnight in Rugby, a group of writers meet to chat about their work over coffee. Initially, they had got nothing in common except their love of books and their passion for writing. They are a mixed bunch: novelists, short-story writers, poets, journalists and playwrights. Becoming friends, they share advice and encourage each other. Some have never had a word published before. But this is the result - the collected works of Rugby Cafe Writers, an entertaining, moving and occasionally shocking selection of original work.

A collection of short stories to tease and tickle your brain. 


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